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“Well, ok, yeah, you’re right. I don’t know what I’m talking about. But you know what? I’m not the one here fucking about going all-” she exaggerated a shrug and pulled a derp-eyed expression. “-about the whole thing.”

She was definitely getting pissed off now. As always, she was playing just as big a part in getting herself to that point as Kimiko’s indifference was pushing her there, but damn it she had some words that needed saying.

“So, no, I don’t know anything about killing people. I haven’t actually had the inclination there, Kimiko.” the words were coming out in an oh-so-sarcastic tone at this point, as her mouth ran ahead of her brain. “But like, does that mean I’m supposed to just stand here, let you go off and maybe kill someone, maybe not? What kind of person would that make me?”

She was biting her lip as she took a moment’s pause, shifting her weight between her feet whilst turning to look away from the source of her irritation, trying to compose her thoughts. It didn't last long, and soon she turned back.

“Christ, I mean, how hard is it? Either you’ve decided to fuck up and kill everyone you meet, because you want to go home more than them, or you’ve decided not to be a fucking monster, and you put the gun away for good. If you’re like ‘Oh fuckin’ ay I don’t know either way, derpaderp’ and you wind up shooting half the people you meet but not the rest, then what the fuck is wrong with you?”
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