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Apr 6 2017, 08:29 AM
I do hold that we made the logical decisions as far as our roles went. Watcher and Roleblocker are low-key fucking useless to scum in this set-up, at least in my opinion. At least if you're operating on the same logic I was N1 that everything is going to be x-shot. You can't just blindly throw out roleblocks, town's unlikely to claim until they've used up their shots, and you don't get that tell-tale town tell of a successful scumblock of having no NK. Doctor's way more useful in a game where you know there's going to be vigs, possibly up to one a night. Similarly Watcher...doesn't actually tell you anything, and in the event of a tracker or a rolecop it's much safer just to take the Cop, do the action, and clear a teammate than try to catch out town powers that probably won't even exist the night after you use it.
I was thinking more in terms of surprise that you hadn't targeted for the vig role, or even a higher risk prospect like the Bookie.

I think I get the logic behind it, and perhaps I could have balanced out for that a little better. I suppose it comes down to a risk vs. reward prospect.
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