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((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued from The Wicked Die Alone))

They had not found Lili. They had not found Ben. They had not found Fiyori. And they had not found Alba.

The previous day had just been like any other, except he had Brendan with him. They hid, they waited, they moved on. The company had kept his spirits up, all things considered. After days of solitude and being trapped with nothing but his thoughts, it was good to be able to vocalize his worries to someone who would listen again. He did, of course, but he didn't vocalize the one main worry - that being the ask of what the point of it all was.

Brendan thought very short-term. Maxim thought quite a bit further than that. Not to the inevitability of the endgame, but to a point that was essentially there. What was going to happen if they did find Lili, and Ben, and Fiyori and Alba, but they were the only ones left? Did Brendan have a plan for that? Were they going to use that time to escape somehow, even though the very idea was implausible to the point of non-existence? Was he going to turn on them, what with his impressive personal arsenal compared to Maxim's measly hammer and bow? Maxim didn't think him for that kind of person, but then again he hadn't even asked why two people were dead because of him and what exactly that meant. Now that was foolish of him.

Another morning rose upon them, and suddenly the announcements joined them again. The names were read off, and once again nobody they knew was above the dead. This being the first time he'd paid proper attention to them, however, three names did come to mind.

Kaitlyn Greene was killed by Alba Reyes. This was to be the exact same Alba Reyes the two of them, previously three of them, were looking for.

Isabel Ramirez was dead. Even to someone who had been paying infrequent attention to the announcements like Maxim, that name registered for the sheer volume of repetition. It was a team of no less than three people who took her down.

And one of those people was Fiyori Senay. She had been one of the killers of Isabel.

Once it was confirmed that they would not have to flee their location, and the speakers gave their final sendoff, Maxim turned to Brendan.

"Well...I'm not sure what you think of that, but I...at least they are not on the other side of things?"

It wasn't much of a comfort and Maxim knew it, but he said it anyway. Their names still weighed heavy on Maxim's mind. Was that the inevitability that everyone faced?
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