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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Boys, my music if you please~

I love the narrative presented of me as some sort of reality warping Puckish rogue on scum when I'm pretty sure this is the only scum game I've ever won XD

That was a fun one, and a real wacky one. Zetsu tracking me could have and probably should have sunk the fuck out of us, but I do hold that we made the logical decisions as far as our roles went. Watcher and Roleblocker are low-key fucking useless to scum in this set-up, at least in my opinion. At least if you're operating on the same logic I was N1 that everything is going to be x-shot. You can't just blindly throw out roleblocks, town's unlikely to claim until they've used up their shots, and you don't get that tell-tale town tell of a successful scumblock of having no NK. Doctor's way more useful in a game where you know there's going to be vigs, possibly up to one a night. Similarly Watcher...doesn't actually tell you anything, and in the event of a tracker or a rolecop it's much safer just to take the Cop, do the action, and clear a teammate than try to catch out town powers that probably won't even exist the night after you use it.

I was sweating on Boogie in that last phase. Good goddamn that felt close, legitimately the most stressful phase of my mafia career.

I owe Brackie and Random drinks of their choice. Brackie, couldn't have asked for a better scumbuddy to ride this madness out with. Flare, couldn't have asked for a better honorary Traitor ;3

Can't wait to get lynched Day One next game!
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