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Silence. That was, until he had heard the applause coming from the door, and until he heard once again the person whose voice he had loathed all through his past years.

“Oh. It’s you.”

Caedyn Miller was a person who didn’t need to be explained. The facts and memories in that area kept coming back probably every day since the incident. To recap: Jeremy had noticed a goth girl in the year below him during the last year of middle school. He’d begun to notice this girl in a very romantic way. Unlike all of the other girls he had crushes on since first grade, though, for whatever reason he had decided to actually act on his feelings and ask her out. She’d accepted. Soon they began dating. Soon Jeremy realised that she was actually sort of a terrible person to be around. Soon she became too much, even for him. Soon, he left. Her, and middle school.

He thought that that would have been the end of it. He thought that that would have been the last he’d ever have to think of her.

He thought wrong.

He hadn’t recognised her, initially, when she’d shown up during the Future Students day. She’d changed her style. Her hair. He just assumed she was from a different middle school, as she came up to him.

But then she’d spoken and that voice he had tried to forget came back and then it began all over again. And it was worse, this time. She’d come back with a vengeance, apparently. Everywhere he went. Every class he had, she seemed to be there. The nickname she’d called him once or twice before then became all he was known for by strangers. People who didn’t know better. People who didn’t know what it meant. And it had made him mad, what she was doing. He had tried to ignore her, he had tried to pretend she wasn’t there every time she showed up, but it never worked. She was always able to say something. She was always able to bring that thorn into his side. She was always able to bring back those memories.

But that was back then.

Maybe things had changed, now.

Maybe the two of them could be civil, for once.


Maybe not.

Still worth a shot, though.

“Nothing, really. I just figured that, given where I am and what’s just happened, I may as well get my things out now while I know I’ve still got time to. Death island, and all. The end might be just around the corner, or some pseudo-fatalist stuff like that.”

A pause. He tapped his hand on the desk he was sitting on.

“But regardless of that, how are you holding up?”
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