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Jae. Right. Min-jae Parker had been a name on the announcements. Did watching Isabel die matter? Was he going to take her to task for not defending Isabel, or for betraying her? No, that didn’t… that didn’t make sense...

“Yes. I saw her die,” Lily said plainly. “There were five others. They attacked. I watched. One of them walked off with her head. ...She can’t really be any more dead than that, and good riddance.”

Lily stared at the crossbow. A creeping realization that she hadn’t properly processed until this moment was rising. If Jae attacked, it would be one-on-one. No Isabel to soak up the damage or act as the decoy for the ire. It would be Lily, with a sword she could barely lift and the helmet that, for all that it was bullet proof, didn’t really provide that much protection.

“You were with...” Lily stopped for a moment, struggling to remember the girl’s name. There’d been so many people Isabel had killed. “...Asha? I didn’t… I didn’t fight. Didn’t… that was all Isabel. That wasn’t… wasn’t me.”

Her grip hadn’t loosened on the sword. But Lily’s stance was not warrior-like at all, anyone could see that. Slightly hunched, pulling all her limbs just a little bit in as if to minimize the target she made.

“I don’t want to fight,” Lily said quietly.
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