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*insert dance song here*
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Apr 5 2017, 11:40 PM
or you're scum trying to bait flare (who is also suspicious because lamo wordshit)
... Didn't you apparently cop-read me as Town? How does viewing me as suspicious in that context make ANY sense?

I think you've lost track of your story right there, boogie.

I also forgot to bring up how YOU were the one who peer pressured me into hammering the ultimately innocent Zetsu yesterday, which is another notch on your scummy track record.

Also also "I just didn't see that my cop role was one-shot somehow" is both very strange and rather convenient when just one more truthful investigation result would have essentially sealed the game for Town. Feels like boogie realized that and (forgive the pun) just chose to cop out.

I just... can't see it any other way.

(If Doc's been playing me this whole game I'm going to be LIVID btw)

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