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Apr 5 2017, 11:53 PM
Apr 5 2017, 11:45 PM
I understand where boogie's coming from even though I don't like it or, obviously, agree with it. He vibes to me more as a townie making a bunch of mistakes than scum, though, so I'm not going to immediately pursue that even though he's obviously pursuing me. That single vote on me is a little alarming though, given that puts me 33% towards a lynch.
Big problem here: if boogie's town, then who is scum? Boogie's cleared Flare and there's no Godfather role. You know you're town, presumably, and you cleared me, so you know I'm town. If Boogie is also town, then that just leaves Goose, and there's no way we only have one scum member left, that would be ludicrous. I get that you're a cautious player and I think in general that's served you pretty well this game, but just look at the numbers here and I think it's pretty clear a scenario where you're town and Boogie is too is impossible.
Oh, you're right. I keep forgetting we're at MyLo and that clearing people I don't actually have the power to clear severely limits the options. As it is I only trust you because of mod confirmation, wheras with boogie it's only a hunch.

I was thinking of the possibility that boogie didn't actually take cop and instead took something else and just cleared someone who looked town-ish when they're in fact scum, but that goes up in flames when this phase is taken into account and the fact that boogie didn't know his cop was apparently a one-shot deal? and also the fact he has nothing more than the rest of us as far as power role stuff is concerned?

I'm so confused ._.

If you want me to I'll vote boogie, but the whole "33% more towards lynch" deal is kind of intimidating so I guess I'll wait.
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