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Vanessa continued to push her for an answer. Kimiko was beginning to expect Vanessa to try something, maybe she was trying to get an answer and would try to kill her if she said yes. Maybe she was just trying to place her as a threat. There were a lot of potential options for what Vanessa wanted to gain from the line of questioning but Kimiko couldn't narrow down what one Vanessa was working towards.

Mentally Kimiko was preparing for the situation escalating. There was no solid way to say it would but it was better to be prepared for the eventuality then not. Her hand started to drift down slightly to the gun still in her pocket but Kimiko caught herself and instead picked at the bark on the tree. She didn't have to answer Vanessa, she knew that, but she couldn't lie to someone who was innocent as far as she knew. Vanessa's name hadn't shown up on the announcements at any point.

The way the other girl was talking riled her though. Demanding that she 'show commitment'. Kimiko knew Vanessa would have seen things on the island, at the point they were at everyone would have. The comment bothered her however. Demanding commitment to her either being the monster that Vanessa expected and wanted her to be or not. As if it was such a simple decision. Did she believe that one day Kimiko had woken up and decided she would kill four people, including Caleb? One of her best friends, someone who had truly loved her and sacrificed themselves for her. What level of ignorance did Vanessa possess to say something like that?

Kimiko's feelings of hurt and rejection, of being treated like a monster were beginning to turn to anger. She raised her shaking hands and spelled out a message.

"You don't know what you're talking about."
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