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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Ty Yazzie Continued From Accept Our Ring and Join Our Fight))

Keith was a mystery to him. He couldn't go more than a few minutes without wondering why the guy was still around. Did he think Ty could protect him? The last few days should have shown him how wrong that was, so that couldn't be it. He didn't seem to care for him too much either. It could be that at this point, they were just used to being around each other. It was easier to keep going forward than to split up and be alone.

Felt kinda wrong to be so disconnected from him, though. Ty didn't know a thing about the guy, to be honest. Wouldn't be surprised if it turned out he didn't know anything about him either. Ain't that something? It wasn't the first thing that should come to mind in this run down spook show of a building, but after everything he'd seen it'd take more than a little bit of dark atmosphere to get him to take notice. His mind stayed locked on the guy up ahead.

"Hey, Keith? You lookin' for anybody out here?"
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