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Of course.

It made sense that she wouldn't get to help him either.

"Alright then. Suit yourself." She wasn't angry anymore, though. If he hadn't turned up she'd be dead. Even if he was so ridiculously grating for her.

Just dissappointed and tired. The adraneline was long gone, and all that was left was something numb and the constant feeling of something sickening crawling in her stomach.

She'd let Jon rifle through Will's bag, as if this was somehow different from Kaitlyn. She almost said something when he took the gun though. Will had wanted her to take that. She wouldn't have, and yet it was wrong to let Jon take it too.

The machete was taken too, and it was clear what he was planning to do. No one decided to become a walking armory for self-defense.

"Wait, are you seriously-" her question hung stopped midway as he stormed off, without even a second glance back. Bet he didn't even hear what she'd said.

Great. Great. Great. Great. Great.

She needed to pull herself together.

Take the gun. Find her friends. Live.

She needed to do things step by step.

The gun that she'd held onto for so many days now was lying on the floor, looking no different after it had killed a man. Then again, she probably didn't either, did she.

How many times had she half-decided to leave it behind already? She didn't bother this time, simply picking it up. Somehow she still couldn't leave it behind, despite everything that had happened.

The danger zones. Emma and Jaime weren't in the pub anymore. But odds were they wouldn't be far, right?

She'd find them. She would. There was no way she wouldn't.

((Amanda Tan continued in The World Without Us))
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