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They weren't as antsy as she was. Go figure. It was all understandable, but less than desirable, especially given how every word they had said about their plans had washed over her salt water does over a smooth beach stone. They all wanted to stay put. Fair, reasonable. That wouldn't keep her leg from pumping, up and down, like a jackhammer. With a start, she put a hand on her thigh before her shaking became too noticeable.

Splitting up, for a little while? That wasn't too bad either. They knew where they were going, where they'd meet.

She'd just keep watch. That's all. Put her restlessness to good use while she was at it. Her eyes darting around the room wouldn't be all too bad if they were darting with a purpose. Crazed movements, jitters, twitches, the quirks and ticks of a recovering addict (if the toll withdrawal had taken on her was any sign) recycled and made good.

"Okay," she said, smiling back at Kizzy, remembering back to the book she'd been struggling to grasp and shrugging as she shifted, toward the side of the nearest wall, that nearest wall being the nearest bed.

So it goes.

[Lili Williams continued in Ready For The House.]
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