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Kimiko turned her gaze over towards Vanessa with a quizzical look on her face. The mood in the room had suddenly shifted as Vanessa seemed to have changed tact. The tone of her voice had changed and Kimiko wasn't sure what to make of it.

Whether the other girl had become so used to her presence she was no longer scared of her, Kimiko couldn't safely say. She knew she didn't want to answer Vanessa's question because neither of them would have liked the answer but Vanessa seemed intent on forcing the issue. Kimiko wasn't sure if it was all bravery on Vanessa's part. A part of it would have been of course, but this wasn't the same situation as with Ben and Raina on the cliffs. They had each other and therefore an advantage in numbers. Vanessa was alone without a weapon as far as Kimiko could tell, of course there was always the potential for Vanessa to have a weapon hidden on her person.

That doubt rolled around in the storm in Kimiko's mind just one of many others. If Vanessa did have a weapon hidden there was the potential she had been trying to make Kimiko drop her guard. Just like she herself had done previously to Nancy. Maybe she had been attempting to do that only to switch tactics to trying to goad her over. Kimiko couldn't be sure either way. She couldn't even be sure Vanessa had a weapon, but she needed to respect the possibility.

She raised her hands up, beginning the process of spelling out her answer only to stop and let them drop. Her eyes met Vanessa's and she gave a resigned shrug.

Kimiko knew, Vanessa surely knew, but there was no other way.
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