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Al continued talking. It started with a question, then a stupid declaration.

Jon wouldn't tell him who he was. He should've known by now, mask or not.

"I'd rather be...home."

That was it? That was his excuse. Of everything he has to say, this was it. This was why he did what he did, why he killed.

"I'd rather be...home."

Jon was infuriated. He took in a deep breath.

"Fine... Go home."


The room was enveloped in a bright flash of light, and Alessio dropped to the floor, wailing. The scent of gunsmoke filled his nostrils as he stood there, barrel still hot. Al deserved this.

Jon watched Al writhe around for a few moments, before pocketing the gun and turning around.

He... did it.

He wasn't sure how he felt about finally shooting someone, but he did it.

Jon opened the door and walked outside. He took his mask off once he closed the door behind him.

He felt terrified to be honest, but it wasn't for the reasons you'd expect.

He walked towards the forest, disappearing into it.

No, the real reason he was terrified was because he felt nothing. When he shot Alessio, the only thing he really felt in that moment was the recoil.

He felt nothing, and that was what terrified him the most.

(( Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere ))
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