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((Lily Caldwell continued from Die Anywhere Else.))

She left the hospital behind. She ended up on the other side of the island. She spent the rest of the day wandering. And the night. She didn’t sleep. She just kept her feet moving, moving but never really going anywhere. She’d followed Isabel for days. She didn’t know what to do now that she had the freedom to go where she liked.

She wandered, and the sun came up again. She stopped, as she always did, and pulled out the notepad to write down the killers. Writing down the details as she always had.

A name jumped out at her. Alex Tarquin. He’d been murdered. Lily heard it, and a small smile crossed her face.

They were proving her right. People like Isabel and Alex. Proving that being a speck was safer. Proving that she shouldn’t be—shouldn’t have ever been—envious of Isabel’s power. Isabel had died. Alex had died. Half of the class had died and she still remained.

Maybe it didn’t matter that she hadn’t been one of the five who killed Isabel. Did she need that sort of attention on her? Being mentioned alongside Lizzie was bad enough.

She was right. She’d been playing the game right. And if she told herself that, kept telling herself that, she didn’t have to think about anything else. She was right. She was right. She was right. She'd been doing this right.

She arrived at the dormitories. Many small rooms. Surprisingly, she didn’t find any bodies. Had people not come here much, or simply stayed quiet?

There was furniture. Maybe she could board herself in. Just hide. Just be a speck of dust in an unremarkable room. That was the way to play. That’s how she should have played this whole time. Lily stood in the doorway to one such room, frowning at it and wondering how to board it up while leaving a route open in case of the inevitable danger zone.
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