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“...Right. I don’t really care that you killed her? She killed Tina. She killed Lizzie. She deserved more than what she got. So no. I don’t feel the same about you. As far as I’m concerned, you did the world a favour.”

Ignore the bitterness. Ignore the regret. It had nothing to do with Fiyori or Scout.

“Besides. What room do I have to go around accusing people?” Her eyes flickered towards Scout. Alvaro flickered through her mind, but she shrugged it off. “Honestly, my list of killers is getting very long. I don’t have time to go around hating everyone on it.”

Lily pulled out some of the first aid supplies, as well as enough food and water to see her through the game. It still left plenty in the bag. She didn’t need that. She dumped the supplies she wanted to keep in Lucilly’s old bag before standing up, slinging the bag over her shoulder.

“Keep what you want. Or leave it. But I’m done here.”

There were far too many corpses to be comfortable around here, and who knew when Scout might decide to use that gun. So without any more words, Lily crossed the room and pushed open the door. She picked up the sword she’d left on the floor before leaving. It was better than nothing.

She stepped carefully around Noah. She stopped in front of Isabel’s headless corpse. She thought about plunging her sword into it. Mutilating it until it was a pile of guts indistinguishable from the bin of a butcher.

But, much like she couldn’t bring herself to touch the innards poking out of Lucilly’s body, she couldn’t bring herself to touch Isabel. Convinced that, somehow, the headless body would sit up and grab her like when she’d tried to kill Isabel so long ago.

Instead, she gathered what moisture she had and spat on the corpse before leaving.

((Lily Caldwell continued in Rear-End Collision.))
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