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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Welcome to yet another wonderful day. Congratulations to everyone listening on getting through..."

The shrill, creaking call of the morning announcements snapped Coleen from the first real bit of sleep she'd been able to grab ever since Arthur had died. If it weren't for the dreadful familiarity of the voice as the telltale proof of the time of day, she might never have believed it was morning; the asylum had the same dreadful, gloomy atmosphere that it always had and even being in the most cheerful-looking room Coleen had managed to find couldn't change that. Even less light had managed to find her in her napping spot underneath the gaudy yet surprisingly comfortable sofa.

It took just a few moments for her to fully wake up, which was thankfully the same amount of time allotted between the false friendliness of the disembodied voice's introduction and the actual 'meat' of the announcements. As it had five times before, the voices of her classmates were nonchalantly mentioned around horrific events such as shootings, stabbings, suicides, and other unpleasant things Coleen didn't have to imagine, since she felt like she had seen it all between the likes of Bradley, Mitch, and Arthur.

She found herself paying closer attention near the middle of the announcements, when the man began to speak disgustingly fondly of a big event that went down between several people in which several of them died. It was at that moment that Coleen remembered the quiet events of the previous day being broken apart by those sounds coming through the walls. Screams, gunshots, a general ruckus with multiple people shouting at each other. Maybe it was just a trick played on her by the building, but it sounded practically next door, and it sounded like something she wanted absolutely no part of. Even when the sounds of violence ceased and the screams faded away, she stayed hidden with her rifle tucked before her, praying nobody forced her hand by coming in.

Nobody did.

She was alive to see another day. Coleen supposed she was thankful, in some bittersweet sense, at the 'gift' of extended time to live her life. To go back on wanting that, she reminded herself, would be a slap in the face of everybody she had met and who could no longer be here to watch her struggle. She had to keep going. Step one in that glorious plan involved coming out from this couch... the top of it may have been comfy in spite of the bloodstains, but the underside had somehow managed to be both dusty and reeking of mildew. Coleen took a risk in pushing the AK out in front of her first, only releasing for a moment to dig her elbows into the floor. After a single pull the gun was back in her grip, and she continued pulling until her waist, then her legs, then finally her feet were out from under the furniture.

She rose to her feet just a minute or so after the announcement ended. It looked like this place wasn't designated as one of those 'danger zones' the terrorists kept talking about. Thanking her luck, the girl stepped backwards with her eye on the door, taking a seat.

"One more day," Coleen muttered to herself. "We can do this. One at a time."
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