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(Keith Bauer continued from With Blood and Rage of Crimson Red, Ripped From A Corpse So Freshly Dead)

Keith hadn't said much after they'd left the cliffs. Not that he had been talking much lately. He'd just been doing a lot of thinking. The thoughts were repetitive, but he couldn't help but focus on them. The fact was that he was almost definitely going to die, and he was hoping it wasn't as horribly as that of the girl whose corpse had been lying there on the way into this part of the wards.

Although he still really wanted to live, but it was starting to feel more and more futile. There were getting to be less and less of them on the island, and it just felt like he couldn't make it. He wasn't tough, he wasn't armed, and he didn't feel that smart at the moment either. If he'd truly been smart, then he would have had an inkling of a plan to get off the island, or to help them live longer to increase the chance of being rescued or something.

But he hadn't, and now they were back to exploring parts of the asylum.

His footsteps echoed through the halls. It gave him the creeps. He wasn't used in being in buildings that were just so quiet.
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