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Kizi hadn't felt tired. They'd rested. They'd eaten. Her needs for comfort and convenience had faded rather quickly during her time on the island, so all in all she felt pretty good. Physically, at least. Actually feeling good in anything approaching a substantiative or holistic manner was, of course, at this point a pipe dream.

Even more of a pipe dream than her grandiose ambitions of community.

But talking about it, being forced to think, being confronted with the realities of the island - even in the form of benign schoolmates who shared her intuitions - was exhausting. Somehow even more so than the announcements. Brought back all the fatigue and malaise the rest had temporarily provided them.

Kizi wasn't sure why. Maybe hope was more exhausting than despair?

She liked that thought.

And so, Kizi joined them in resting. She nodded. Murmured acceptance. Looked to Lili, gave her a more passive smile that expressed her own desire to recuperate. And she gave them hospitality. Helped with guarding, helped with moving things around, all that stuff. They had travelled more. Their exhaustions were greater than hers. And when they were ready, they moved.

((Kiziah Saraki continued in A Time to Love.))
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