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Jon got him, now it was time to finish this.

He watched Al clamber up and then...

Jon didn't want to finish this. Al begged... he actually begged. He knew he shouldn't fall for it, but it all felt wrong. Even if it was a ruse, something about killing someone so defenseless, so pathetic just didn't feel right. He wasn't like the others, he didn't play that way.

And then Al pulled out a gun, and stared right at him.

Jon stood still, frozen. He waited for it, after all the times Al's refused to hesitate, he wouldn't with this. Jon knew it was all over for him.

Jon waited...

and waited...

and waited...

Al didn't shoot. Was this his idea of mercy? Was he actually trying to become a better person? Was he actually trying to help someone?

Jon had to find out.

He reached into his gun and slowly, methodically, pulled out his own gun; Will's gun.

He cocked the hammer back, and pointed it at Al.

He hovered the barrel of the gun back and forth across the figure on the other side of the room.

He still wasn't shot. He should have been.

Jon realized Al wasn't trying to avoid killing or trying to protect anyone.

He knew he was losing, he wanted Jon to leave so he could live. He wouldn't hesitate to cut him apart if he was on the ground, if he was defenseless, he saw that back at the bar. Al was just afraid of getting a little bit hurt, that's all.

Jon levered the gun towards Al's midsection.

Alessio was the worst kind of person. He wouldn't even look you in the eyes if he decided to kill you, Jon should've seen that one right away. Those few words he spoke, the ones that made Jon think he'd reformed? All garbage, all lies. He didn't really care, and he didn't really change. That bullshit line of his was just to throw Jon off, to confuse him before he got the drop on him.

He should do it.

He should pull the trigger and save everyone the suffering of letting this little careless selfish creep live. Al would've done it to him if the roles were reversed. Al would've done it to anyone, everyone if he could. Alessio cared about no one but himself, he had no dignity, he threw it all out the window to kill.

Do it.

He didn't say a word, he just stared down Al.

Do it!
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