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A blank stare. Well then.

That tension born of hanging out in the same room as a serial killer was starting to die down, as irritation moved to take its place. If there was one thing Vanessa didn’t like, it was being ignored.

“Hey, asked you a question. Your hands not working, or something?”

Maybe not the best tone to take with Kimiko, but Vanessa was still breathing, so maybe she’d overestimated how dangerous the situation was. Besides, it wasn’t like she was being rude or whatever, just trying to get a confirmation that Kimiko wasn’t about to go out and try to murder some more of her classmates. Maybe she was being a bit optimistic, trying to get Kimiko to wave the words ‘No Vanessa, I will not kill anyone anymore. I have turned over a new leaf, thanks to you.’, but it was better than leaving the question just hanging there.

Well, maybe not better, but it was what Vanessa preferred.
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