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Stand up, Al.

As he swung at Nixon, he could feel the machete touching his skin as a counter attack. It was cold. As Alessio was hit he instinctively backed away, paranoid of the wound. He blindly walked with high speed backwards until he stumbled to realise that he walked against a bench. So he fell on it, sitting on it.

This sword fight was not like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings at all. Fuck it, it made him super nervous. He could die now. He already could feel blood flowing out of him and that he bleeds out.

He had things to do before he died. He did not know what, though. Kill people. See Vanessa's reaction to her causing all of this. Find a partner. Build more traps. Perhaps win, go home, start a new life.

Then he looked down and saw that he did not bleed, but that his shirt was torn. He made sure that it did not bleed by touching it with his fingers. There was no liquid of pain. It was a scratch and Al had to make sure it stayed a scratch.

"Please go away."

He pulled out his fake gun and pointed it at Jon. He put on his angriest face he could pull.

Clint Eastwood again.
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