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Alright folks. We're past the halfway point and everyone's going all "oooh v7 concepts/plastic hammers/stupid alignment stuff" so WHY THE HELL NOT, there's been enough distance between v5 ending and now that I think we're all entitled to look back at it and see just how things were.

So it's Read-A-Thon time, which is a great and fun way for us all to give some attention to characters from previous versions both famous and mostly-forgotten. The rules are simple enough. You post that you want a character (we'll do one charrie at a time so there's no overwhelming going on). You'll be randomly assigned a character from the list below. Your job -- your only job -- is just to read through the character on your own time and hopefully post a sentence or two on what you thought. This is NOT a critique thread, so please don't feel pressured to post some long screed reviewing them. You can if you want, of course, but we really just want something fun and low-pressure as a way to spread the love. So at the very least, just check in and say you've read the character. Once a character is assigned and then read, we'll cross them off the list until we've got everyone done. Any questions, just ask, and have fun!

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G058: Kaitlyn Greene aka Katy Buried - Horse Tranquilizer and Syringe
She Knew She'd Found Freedom - Questions - Fools - Barons - Opportunities - Sideshows - Dawns - Gulches

G038: Deanna Hull - Replica Freddy Glove - DECEASED
From Sea to Sky -Smoke--Sun--Tiki--Nine--Repeat--Talk--Now--Drift--Hunger--Valley--Fall--Rust--Paper--Heart--Sky-
B023: Jesse Jennings - Riz Action Figure - DECEASED
From Vision to Glory -Vision--Summon--Time--Plan--Length--Sleep--Cause-

B006: Ricky Fortino - Trowel - DECEASED
B022: Imraan Al-Hariq - Remington 870 - DECEASED
G036: Carly Jean Dooley - VASE D: - DECEASED
G077: Andrea Raymer - Gunpowder - ?????
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