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Where are they?

((Brendan Harte continued from The Wicked Die Alone))

Brendan honestly had no idea where his friends and allies would be right at that moment. He needed to keep moving with Maxim to make sure that they could at least find someone that they knew. It would be better than not finding them at all or bumping into someone who was potentially dangerous or a threat to him and his friends.

He and Maxim had headed to the chapel the day before while looking for others that they were hoping to find; but they had no luck there. They waited there to see if Fiyori would turn up at some point but she never did come to that place. He and Maxim then made their way towards the storehouse and then they spent the night there. Brendan didn't sleep that well at all. Then Brendan made a plan of them looking near the shoreline just in case and now they were there together. He couldn't see anyone else there. But he had thought that it might have been worth a shot.

"....Looks like this might have been a bad idea after all."

He sighed softly as he kicked at a rock on the ground and he stared out ahead of him. Not really looking at anything. He blinked a few times, wondering what he should do next. He didn't want to look like a disappointment to Maxim.

"I wished that I could just swim away from this. But I know that I can't abandoned anyone else, Maxim. I-"

He then heard something that he was going to dread again. The announcement was starting up again and he forced himself to listen to what was coming up.
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