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Was it good that she didn't seem to mind the question? Or was it bad that she ignored it? Or maybe it was both, even though he couldn't see how since they seemed to be mutual opposites, didn't they.

Hazel was looking out at the ocean, and Jordan couldn't help but stare. The ocean before them, a drab blue, not unlike the drab browns of home. The desert had always been so forboding, as if penning them into the little town. As if saying that their world ended right there. And it was the same right here. The world ended with them, the sea that they could not traverse marking the edges of their new little universe.


He'd heard rumours about her before, and he'd always wondered who could bother to make up so much vicious rumour about anyone else. Clearly there must have been something true somewhere, somewhen, but how much of the Hazel he did know was a lie, conjured up by his own imaginings and fourth-hand accounts?

"Actually, I'd guess not, huh. Wait, I think he's here."

And he was back, ready to break the increasingly pointless conversation to replace it with a completely different completely pointless conversation. Jer-

Nope. That wasn't Jeremy.

Nate. Nate was cool. Or at least not uncool, and much more importantly, not a jerk.

"Hey, Nate." Nate sounded as nervous as usual, but honestly, it was probably far weirder to be as calm as he had been these past few days. Oh god, was he already getting used to the island? That was probably not a good thing.

"So, you okay? And I don't suppose you've seen a Jeremy around, have you?"
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