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Every time Jae thought that nobody had any surprises left, it happened again. Brendan, Alessio, Nadia, Dorothy, and now Cass. It was as though there was always someone just waiting for him to try and regain his balance before tilting the world again.

He had expected Cass to resist, he supposed. Maybe tell him how fucked what he was doing was, maybe cry or something. Instead, she just sounded resigned.

He supposed he couldn't blame her for that.

Jae paused in gathering his things to look back at her when she continued. Were her words a weak parting well-wish, or faint damnation?

Either way, he couldn't blame her for that either.

He was practically buzzing with restrained fury still. Cass didn't deserve any of it.

He pulled the baton from his belt and extended it with a flick of his wrist. Snick.


He tossed it onto the chair he had just vacated. "If you want it, I guess."

Jae shouldered his bag, crossbow in one hand, staff in the other. He glanced back at Cass one last time. "Take care of yourself."


((Min-jae Parker continued in Rear-End Collision))
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