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The question Vanessa had asked was one Kimiko didn't want to answer. She already knew what the answer was of course. She had a plan and following that plan through to the bitter end meant that at least one or two more people would need to die by her actions. The question became one of what she would do in specific circumstances, mainly, could she avoid getting any blood on her hands needlessly. She had managed so far. She could have killed Enzo; she could have shot Penelope as soon as she had approached her and she could have shot Vanessa in the back of the head without the other girl even realising she was there. But there was no hiding from the truth, she would have to kill again. It would get to a point where the numbers were so low that they would be forced into conflict and if she wanted to survive and make Caleb's sacrifice worth it she would need to make sure she came out the victor.

If she needed to be a snake and use cunning like she had with Nancy she would. If she needed to be a bull and use brute force like she had with Bradley she would. She couldn't afford to hesitate or give anyone else the chance, if she wanted to win she needed to use any strategy that worked.

She looked over at Vanessa and couldn't muster up the will to reply. She didn't want to.

She knew what the answer was. That was bad enough.
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