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Ok, her face continued to not have an extra hole in it. That was good.

Yet still she felt her heart beat in her chest, a glimmer of sweat starting to form on her brow. She still had a placating grin on her face, brought out by the nervous laughter and held there by the same force. It was the only face she could think to make in response to Kimiko’s sullen stare.

What now? Her search for Alessio had reached another dead end, but this dead end could turn on her and start firing bullets if she wasn’t careful. It would probably just be best to step out, let Kimiko go on with her mass murdering in peace and let that sort itself out.

She was about to open her mouth, politely excuse herself, when an ugly thought occurred: maybe someone in her position had had the same reaction to Alessio.

Her fake grin dropped suddenly, much to her dismay. She was pretty sure that Cameron was Alessio’s first victim (a bit of bile rose in her throat with that thought), but he’d gone on to kill other people, and they’d probably had friends like Vanessa was to Cameron.

This wasn't the first time she'd thought about this, and she'd already made up her mind: avenging everyone Alessio had killed would be stupid, and it wasn’t her problem. Yeah, it sucked for them, and it sucked for their friends, but that blood wasn’t on her hands. She was in it purely for her BFF, and BFFs of Alessio’s other victims could sort out their own mess. As much as they would be able to after she was through with him, anyway.

Still, how would she react if she let Kimiko walk out of here now, only to find out the next day that she’d murdered, like, Jae? Killer or not she still liked the guy, however long ago their hanging out felt like. Hell, even if it turned out Coleen had bitten the dust because of Kimiko, there’d be a pang of guilt to go with it. Oh, right, she was a killer too.

Christ, she was running out of friends who weren’t homicidal.

She turned her attention back to Kimiko. Fuck it, she could at least ask.

“So, hey, if I just walk out of here now, are you going to keep on doing that? Killing people, I mean.”
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