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and Benjamin Fields fell.

There was a brief moment of thought before the sound of fire rang out.

One moment where Jeremy had seen Ben looking at him. With his eyes. With his gun.

And one moment where Jeremy Frasier had felt very, very scared for his life.

The moment had passed. The trigger had been pulled. A sound had come out of his gun.

And then there was nothing but the ringing that remained.

His eyes were closed.

For a moment, he thought he was dead.

For a moment, he thought that that was the end.

But he felt the pressure of his eyelids. He felt himself breathing. He felt the throb of the bruises on his face. He felt the wind blow against him.

And slowly, he opened his eyes.

“Oh shit.”

Benjamin Fields was on the ground. Bleeding. Clutching his stomach. His eyes were closed. His face was strained. He was in pain. Jeremy didn’t know how it felt, but he knew that it would have hurt, at least. The Raging Bull was on the ground in front of Ben. The Jackhammer was in Jeremy’s hands.

You didn’t need a genius to figure out what had happened here.

Jeremy took his steps forward. Slowly. Surely. He was alive. He’d won. Part of him just realised that. Part of him hadn’t yet. Part of him was walking towards Ben, slowly and surely because he was alive and he’d won and the fact hadn’t quite ticked in his mind yet. The baseball bat had been dropped on the ground earlier. Jeremy picked it up. Without thinking. He moved closer to Ben.

There wasn’t really anything to say about it. He was walking. The ringing was still there and it wasn’t fading but Jeremy couldn’t think about that. Ben was in front of him. Ben was bleeding. Ben was dying. He’d been torn to shreds in front of Jeremy and he was only just beginning to realise that.

His feet stopped. He reached Ben. The wind stopped. The air was empty. The only sound that filled the air were the breaths coming out of Ben’s throat.

That was number two, now.

Junko Kurosawa. Benjamin Fields.

There was nothing else that Jeremy could say. He took his steps. Forward, and-

Ben was talking.

Telling him something.

Jeremy paused. Jeremy listened. Jeremy thought.
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