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The pointer finger on Jeremy’s left hand pushed against his thumb, pushing and sliding until it eventually fell off.

“Still don’t like that plan.”

The baseball bat had been on his shoulder. It was lightly tapping the ground now. His eyes were level, looking at Ben.

May as well explain why.

“Because that makes everything pointless. It’ll make it so nothing here matters. There are… what, forty people dead already? If there’s no one at the end to go home then that means they died for nothing.”

He paused. Tapped his foot on the ground.

“And it's like, I just don’t think there’s much of a point if you do pull it off? Like, I get it, you’re trying to send a message to the man and all and you’re probably trying to tell everyone that you know, there’s actually a way to stop the murders but it’s not going to actually effect anything. The people up top, the dudes in control of this, they can just, like, not air it if they get a result they don’t like. If they can’t send whatever message they have, then why, like, waste airing it?”

He paused again. Sighed.

“I mean, I get that that’s not actually your plan, but I don’t think I can agree with it with that part there. I get the part about hunkering down, but, like…”

He turned his head away. Turned it back.

“I know Raina’s good at these sorts of things, but even then I don’t think she’s capable of beating this, yknow?”
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