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“I don’t blame you.”

Ben had to nod, the worn to table scraps tendons of his neck tensing with difficulty. “I honestly don’t like it much myself.”

Ben squared his chest with a small heft of his shoulders. This talk had to be man to man, not man to shriveled husk. The cameras dispassionately took notes on his preening.

“It doesn’t have to happen, it’s just a contingency. But I think I understand why we need it. Better to die on your own terms, you know? Show the terrorists they can’t get us, or at least some of us.” Ben shook his head, insistently. Insisting at Jeremy, at himself, he didn’t know.

“There have to be some people on this island that would rather die in control. Instead of, what, cowering like fucking animals, snivelling and doing what the terrorists told them to do?”
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