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“Figure out an escape. We’ve got some good minds already in it. And that fails, hold tight for rescue.”

Ben coldly, rationally tried to consider the final caveat, the possibility of the final, lethal middle finger salute to the terrorists that had turned hell into their home and school.

He had asked about Penelope. So Jeremy did know about her, and maybe he could be trusted. If Ben could be trusted to explain right.

“Penelope’s, uh…” Invoking her name possibly made it sound like he was pinning the fault of the situation onto her. Not his intent, but he couldn’t take words back unless they were in his future. So Ben needed a moment of silence, a moment too long. “She’s not in a good state right now. Sorry to be the one to bear that bad news, but I guess you knew how this all might have gotten to her.”


“She’s come up with one last contingency plan. If nothing else works we have to exit the game by ourselves... Get everyone else who didn’t sell their souls for the win to realize, you know, the real way off this island.”

He’d said it.
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