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Jon crawled around on the ground. He tried to get up but felt some arms push him over again as footsteps trailed away behind him.

He heard a voice, he tried to help, and what did he get?

He heard the door slam behind him.

He gets tripped, thrown to the wolves.

Now what? He shook the pain out of his head and looked around, his vision returning. He looked around for the other individual, the one shining the flashlight.

It was that kid from the bar, Alessio, picking a sword up from the ground.

Jon would've guessed now that Michael was gone that Al thought it was time to finish the job.

He couldn't find the toilet seat lid, but he managed to grasp the machete.

It was kind of funny, Jon was trying to get himself killed, and now there was a real chance of that happening, yet now he wants to live. He couldn't stay here, he had to leave, but he knew he couldn't do that without a fight.

He backed towards the door, pointing the machete at Al.
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