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“Yeah, I know Penelope. Raina, too.”

Penelope Fitzgerald. Raina Rose. Two names that Jeremy did not want to have to remember at this moment. In a good way, though. It wasn’t that he hated them, it wasn’t like they were people Jeremy would rather avoid or anything, it was just that Ben saying they were here meant that they were on this island and that they were people Jeremy would have to find at some point, because, like, they were friends. More casual ones but that probably spoke for something about how many of his friends were casual. Basically, they used to talk weird shit on Skype with each other. He wasn’t sure what the beginning point was, but it was something that happened, and it was something that Jeremy enjoyed. Nothing more to it than that.

But they were here. They were on this island. Give the gods some dice and they’d probably bet that the two would be dead in a couple of days.



Apparently they had a plan. To do something. To keep others safe.

There was something that confused Jeremy a little bit about it, though.

“And then what?”
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