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Wasn’t really what Ben had been hoping to hear. Or would have been hoping if he’d had any assumptions in the first place. But the call to action hadn’t been sounded, not yet. It still rested in the potential action of Ben’s tensed knuckles. Jeremy remained plausibly innocent, the debate had yet to turn the way of implication or accusation.

“I guess I get that. But... “ Ben’s train of thought lagged at the station, as was so abnormally common as of late.” Might be a better way to get yourself and your friends together. Penelope, Raina, Kizi, Lili, if you know any of them? We’ve all been putting together a plan to start a sanctuary of folks who won’t be fighting. And…

“We’ll keep enough weapons pointed outward, keep the ones not willing to stay peaceful at bay.”

He excluded Penelope’s bit about turning the guns inward.
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