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Ben… calmed down. That was a bit of a surprise. Given… he didn’t know, what he imagined the dude was like Jeremy would have imagined that he’d be a little more resilient against what Jeremy was saying. A little more likely to ask questions. More blustering. More confrontational. That kind of thing. It was what Jeremy had heard in regards to Ben in the halls. It was what Jeremy thought everyone in the anti-bullying committee did when nobody was looking. It was probably the only way someone could actually take care of Michael when he was walking around and doing his stuff. Point was: Jeremy expected Ben to argue more. He didn’t.

And really, if that was indicative of how people were going to act towards him in the future, Jeremy would take that.

“I’m gonna be… doing stuff. Finding people. I figure I’m not gonna live much longer, so I better get things done now. Say my last goodbyes.”

A pause.

He may as well just get the next part out of the way.

“And I suppose, for better or worse, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get that done. Just gonna warn you now.”
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