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keep running yoshi
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Ben hadn’t remembered too much of the specifics, of what the terrorists had said. It would imply he’d wanted to.

“I see.”

He couldn’t say that what had been said had mollified him much but that was his problem and his alone. It wasn’t Ben’s job to give voice to his outrage, be it in words or in bullets. That was no longer his place, he knew that much. He had to focus on his job, his role. His job was to save, not to kill. Not to kill to save.

Jeremy. That was still a name the terrorists owned, but maybe it was one Ben could properly consider when he remembered that he had peers he’d once stalked the halls of a desert parched school with. Jeremy’s reason had almost been reasonable enough to earn him the guns to his name. Ben could relax, and infinitesimally, he did.

“Shit, I wonder what got into her… You did what you had to I guess.”

If Jeremy wasn’t yet going the route of the man once named Alvaro Vacanti then maybe he was worth wasting words on. Words clumsily paraphrased from Penelope, and Kizi.

“But what are you going to be doing now?”
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