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And there it was.

The name. The memory that it brought now. The realisation that Ben knew what he did. The fury that could be heard under his voice. This was going to be how it was, now. Jeremy knew that. Even though it’d happened the way it did, even though the person on the announcements even said that Jeremy didn’t attack first, he knew that this was how people were going to treat him from now on. Honestly, he was just surprised that it’d taken this long. He’d seen a couple people since it’d happened? Maxim didn’t seem to care, Hazel and Jordan got over it pretty quickly, and Alba didn’t care that much when he’d told her his name.

Really, Ben was the first one to give him the reaction he expected. Ben was the first person to judge him for it. Treat him lesser, now.

And honestly, he couldn’t wait until he was reduced to having to cry when he thought nobody could see him, in distress because he knew that nobody else could understand him.

That part was in due time, though.

Right now he had to explain the full story.

Well, as close to the full story as he could say with ease for himself.

He shrugged.

“It happened as they said it. She attacked me, I decided that I’d fight back.”
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