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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Ben wasn’t entirely sure he’d parsed the response correctly. That moment of lexical ineptitude actually rung a bit nicely, in a hollow and empty manner. Familiar harkening to the two left feet two crossed eyes nature of Cochise society at large. The baseball bat was a new one though. Any other time of their lives it would have been in Ben’s hands, not Jeremy’s.

“I’m just doing my thing… Trying to.”

Ben crossed his arms and regarded Jeremy with unpronounced unease. His lips were too set in stone to mouth much anything. He was facing a killer. Those eyes had seen one of the bodies that had once melted like hot blood under the Kingman sun turn cold. Ben’s curiosity was split. Curiosity about how far a question would carry their conversation. About how far a punch would carry Jeremy’s body. His name itself was pretty fucking suspect, wasn’t it? After all, the terrorists had seen fit to praise it. Jeremy Frasier, of all fucking people, a killer. It was the punchline to an unfunny joke.

“You had a run in with Kurosawa, then?” Finally to the point. “I’m almost impressed.” Wasn’t even a lie, but by omission Ben lied about everything else, the cold fury, the sublimely casual dismissal of the murderer’s worth and humanity. “Don’t want to assume anything about what went down, but did she hit first?”
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