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The boy turned. Showed Jeremy his face.

Out of all the faces it could have been, it wasn’t one that Jeremy was particularly super happy to see.

Out of all the faces it could have been, though, it wasn’t one that Jeremy would have preferred avoiding, either.

Benjamin Fields was a person. To be more specific, he was a person who happened to be in the same grade as Jeremy. That was where the similarities ended, though. If Jeremy were forced to pick someone in the school who was the total opposite of him, Ben would be a pretty good person to pick (unless there was like, a female version of Ben somewhere in the school who he was drawing a total blank on right now). Dude was sporty, dude probably put schoolwork first, and the dude probably did a lot more than Jeremy did. Homophobia aside, the guy put work in. He’d heard stories by some of the other people he knew about how Ben helped him when someone like Isabel or Michael met them in the halls. Maybe they disagreed on a couple social issues, but Jeremy had to give credit where credit was due, there.

So yeah. Comparatively, not the best person Jeremy could have found, but comparatively, not the worst, either. He’d probably just do the same routine he did with Alba. Ask who he saw. Ask if he’d seen any of the killers, then go off on his merry way. Simple as that.

Well, once he answered Ben’s own questions, of course.

“As close to it that I really can be.”

The bat twirled around slightly, in his left.

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