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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Audrey shook her head and smiled. It was a bitter smile but a smile nonetheless. "Hey, it's okay. This place just brings out the worst in people, I guess."

Scout was always kind of a stuck up bitch though. Audrey tried her best not to think badly of people but let's be honest? You just can't get along with everyone. She sat up, hugged her legs. The girl asked her a question. She looked at her, blinked. Then she looked at Alvaro's corpse.

"... No. We weren't close."

No offense taken, of course. It was only a simple question, and from the way Audrey was 'making excuses' for Alvaro, it was only understandable that Asuka might be curious.

"I mean. I like to think that I could have considered him as a friend. But we've never really talked all that much. I'd say we were more friendly acquaintances back home?

"I always liked him though."

Her shoulders drooped.

"I found him around the time I first woke up though. He was beaten up, like, real bad. So honestly I think he was goaded into killing and... I dunno. No one was helping him, so I tried to..."

. . . No. She was rambling now. This girl didn't care. What bitterness Audrey held for the boy was in the past. She looked away from Alvaro.

"Oh. Um, I'm Audrey by the way... Wait. Did I already introduce myself?" She scratched her cheek awkwardly from her subtle change of subject. "Sorry. I think I'm still in shock."
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