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Brendan was glad that Maxim was going to follow his plan for now. In the future, he knew that they had to get more serious in order to survive this ordeal. Well, one person had to make it back home and he wondered who that might be. Will it be a player? A non-player? Someone he didn't know at all? He didn't know the answer to that. As much as he didn't like to think about it. All he wanted to think about were his friends and doing the best that he could to find them and protect them. Those were the only things he was willing to do for now.

He glanced down at Michael's body and he was trying not to cry. He couldn't afford to get emotional right now. He had to move on and look for Jonathan. He had to make sure that Jonathan wouldn't go down a path that he will regret for the rest of his life. I'll find him, Michael, I promise. It was the less that Brendan could do. Especially after what he did to Michael's ally.

"Alright then. Let's get going, Maxim."

((Brendan Harte continued elsewhere))
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