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She just smacked someone over the head with another head.

That was interesting.

The opponent in front of her wasn't so scary after all. He was just wearing a mask and was armed but obviously got surprised by Dot's sucker punch. Or rather sucker kick. Probably smacking him with a skull also didn't help the poor guy's mind. He was probably like Dot. Trying to understand why there was a flashlight pointed at them and losing his fucking mind when a girl covered in muck and blood hit the soul of his body with a skull.

Using that moment of shock, Dot used the boy's shoulders to prop herself up, throwing herself farther from the center of the beam of light that was rapidly approching her. The person who was holding the flashlight was running toward them. Dot saw the sparkle of the light reflecting off the blade she dropped then rolled her eyes.

Why did she have to drop her scariest weapon of all thing?

While it was heavy and cumbersome, she still needed it to fend for herself from attacks of other players. Like, right now. If she saw the sword, she could just slash the boy on the ground then face the person that was rushing them. She considered pulling out her knife but it was deeply burried inside her back.

She decided to leave. She didn't want to get her hands even bloodier.

((Dot ran away from their dreams))
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