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Wait, there were noises again.

Alessio turned on the light again, now, from a different direction. Dorothy smashed at the masked person with a hairy ball thing.

Oh Jesus, a skull what the fuck. That was a pretty gross thing. Disgusting. Ew. Spooky. Creepy.

He also saw and heard a sword falling down.

He was tired, he didn't want to run there, he'd rather go away and sleep. But oh well, he wanted to have his sword back. The thing next to Dorothy was his sword he stole from Maria after all. He needed it. Otherwise he'd have nothing against Dot or the masked person, except his useless gun.

So he put the fake gun back into his backpack and with his flashlight in hand, sprinted to the confrontation between the two, not to interrupt them from fighting, but to try to grab the sword.
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