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(Permission to skip Jon is a-ok)

She was now under the light. Her eyes were just adjusting to the darkness that the light ruined that for her. She cringed at the blinding light, snapping her head away from rays stabbing her eyes. She raised a hand to shield off the light, dropping the shamshir in the progress.

Her starry eyes wiggled in their orbits. She blinked rapidly, shooting the stars away from her mind. Her blindness left her and she was able to calm her breathing. She stabilized it then looked at the person she kicked. She would have jumped if she was doing the crab on the floor.

The person was wearing a mask. Something to hide their identity. That was an actual smart idea. Well, in theory. If you were a prolific killer, you could hide behind it but wearing that was super suspicious. It only scared Dot even more, letting a shriek escape her throat.

Two people were in this room with her. The one is front of her and another one with a flashlight pointed at her. Her survival instinct kicked in. She lunged at the boy (or man) wearing the mask. She, midway through her attack, realized she was lacking a weapon. Her sword was laying beside her, her knife was hidden in her bag beside her taser.

She swung with the only thing she had in her hand.
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