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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jerry put forward the same confident smile he would have thrown to somebody asking if he could flick a rubber band at that stupid bitch of an English teacher, Mrs. Addison.

"Yeah, man!" he exclaimed, tilting his chin up slightly. "Just don't be dumb like Alan. First thing: You got any weapons on ya? We ain't gonna take them from ya, we just need to know our options, here." Jerry re-positioned his daypack's strap and looked over to Matt. "You nicked his food too, right? I'm getting kinda hungry here and my bread's nearly out."

A glance past Bart confirmed that it was still about as black as Mr. T's asshole outside. Made for difficult travel, but there was nothing of much use here and Jerry wasn't too fond of being around for the whinefest that would likely ensue when Alan woke up.

"Let's mosey, guys. Should find a good place to chill out and bunker up, catch some Z's and do whatever 'til morning. Then this fun little vacation starts all over again!"

((Jerry Fury, concluded in ROOOOOAD ROLLER DA!))
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