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Dorothy froze for a second. She stared at the darkness, she blinded herself by opening the light and dumbly dropping it. Now, her position was revealed and she was just a sitting duck. She stared into the darkness for a couple of seconds. She heard the person's head knock itself on the table.

She followed the sound with her head. The footsteps running away from her. She was almost relieved but the lingering anxiety made her back up against the wall. It felt cold against her back, feeling it making its way in her body. She grabbed her sword and held her breath. The atmosphere was crushing her, she wanted to hear where was the person but the silence deafened her.

She looked to the right and then to the left. It was useless because of the darkness. She hoped that her eyes would adjust themselves to the darkness but she could only see the black shadows blinding. She bit her lips then sprinted to the exit. She ran, hitting Iz's head and her sword against the wall and the floor, announcing even more her posi-


Something sent her down to the floor.

Normally, she would apologize to the person she ran into. Normally, she would ask the person if they were okay.

But this time, her first reflex was to send a kick flying straight to the person's knee.
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