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On the bright side, Bart appreciated that Jerry and Matt were trying to make him feel better, or at least he thought they were. Unfortunately, Jerry not only referred to himself as a seasoned killer in the process, but the very recent memory of him laying Alan flat was still extremely fresh in Bart's mind. That kind of undercut their sincerity and made Bart question if he should really trust their attempts at diplomacy.

... But at the same time, they had a point in how there was safety in numbers. Three people were harder to ambush than one and they would have a much better chance at fighting back an attacker if they had the advantage in that department. But then again, the numbers game didn't really do much for them when Nancy showed up at the radio tower...

Bart shuddered as the image of Jennifer flashed into his mind again. He slowly put his hands down and looked between Jerry and Matt for a few moments, formulating a response in his mind.

"... So, uh... I'm gonna be okay with you guys, then?"
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