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It took Vanessa a few moments to realise but eventually she became aware of who Kimiko was. After that her reaction fell in line with what Kimiko expected. Wariness. Unease. It was always the same. People saw a wild animal with the potential to strike at any moment and tried to tiptoe around every little thing they said lest they anger her. The only difference was the level of anger some people displayed towards her. Sometimes it was more open like with Jennifer, sometimes it was visible simmering under the surface like with Clarice and sometimes there was no anger, just caution and fear.

That was where Vanessa was. There was an obvious nervous energy in her movements and speech as she found the context of their conversation had changed. Suddenly she wasn't just talking to a mute girl with a gun. She was talking to a killer with four victims and only one of those could have been twisted as necessary or just. That had only come about because she had gained Nancy's trust only to betray it the moment she let her guard down. It made sense for Vanessa to be nervous.

Kimiko watched Vanessa ramble until it eventually came to a stop. Unsure of what to do Kimiko looked away, she didn't have a response to everything Vanessa had been saying that mattered. Instead she turned her attention to the tree. It's bark, old and gnarled, having weathered many storms in its time until eventually time and the elements had caught up with it and it fell. It had a poetry to it and Kimiko couldn't help viewing herself as the tree.

However, unlike the tree her storms had been formed from her own actions.

She turned and looked at Vanessa but didn't respond. She had nothing she wanted to say.
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