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Fiyori opened the bag to make use of the medical supplies. She'd wished there was something or someone to tell her how to treat her wound. At some point, Fiyori looked up in the Internet how to deal with a cut on her face. Pure coincidence, but she remembered that the advice under the section of "deliberate injury" was to go to the hospital.

...that was unfortunately not an option. She'd have to piece the little half knowledge she had together and guess. She'd take the gauze, apply some alcohol and clean the slash with it. She'd let most of the wound alone. It hurt like a bitch and it bled like one, but even Fiyori knew it wasn't as bad as Scout's injury. In fact, there was just one spot right under her eye where the wound was gaping. She'd have to take the butterfly closure and apply it there.

Well, she'd also apply it above the brow. When Lily finished, Fiyori raised the eyebrow, breaking the wound open.

"I see."

Fiyori thought about it a bit. She felt that Lily had yet to say all there was. Sure, she could understand staying with a person you detest, but still...

"I'll be open with you." She briefly turned to Scout. "...and you too, I suppose.

"Danny Brooks was one of my best friends. I... wasn't quite sure back in Cochise, but I loved him. I hated living so much, I hated everything about our world so much, but he was one of the people that brought me genuine joy.

"What I am saying is, whether Danny would've been the only victim of Isabel, or one of ten, I'd have killed her all the same."

Fiyori's voice was rising as she spoke. She stopped herself, and returned to a quieter level.

"Perhaps you would feel the same about us, Lily."

Yet as it turned out, Isabel had no friends at all. Neither shocking, nor a surprise.

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